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Our bulls also carry the good maternal characteristics of our cow herd and not only carry the growth characteristics. The importance of the bull’s mother cannot be overemphasized.

Our bulls are reliable and have complete records available which makes our herd significantly reliable. Credibility is absolutely essential. We also believe in measuring is to know.

Performance testing is an important tool in our herd and helps us with the selection of bulls, but it is in balance with all the other characteristics.

Our breeding values ​​in the selection of our bulls are strictly kept under the rules of the society (Bonsmara SA)

Good pigmentation is a requirement for our bulls.

Everything starts with the animal’s skeletal framework. If the framework is correct then there is a good chance that the muscles, bones, ligaments and other anatomical structures that are attached to the frame, it will make it more acceptable.
Correct placement of the thurl, pin bones and hip bones, as well as adequate width, capacity and excellent depth through the forequarter are important benchmarks that are used during the judging process.

We emphasized the following traits:

  • The length of hindquarter muscles and attachment low down the hock area.
  • Sufficient width over the hock for the attachment of associated muscles.
  • Length and meatiness of the rump and loin areas. General muscling with emphasis on the hindquarters, forearms and eye muscle areas.
  • Overall length of the body.

The Natural resistance and immunity of our bulls are phenomenal

Our ideal bull is very fertile, produces quick growing calves, is docile to handle and is easy to maintain physically. This means the bull should be healthy and should require a moderate amount of feed to maintain a good weight. Our bulls can adapt to other climates and circumstances .Our colder weather helps as well.


It is evident that our cows adapt to these harsh environments, and this characteristic is passed on to the calf. The Natural resistance and immunity of our cows are phenomenal.

One piece that is crucial is the ability of our cows to not only give birth to a healthy calf every year, but also look after it well enough so that it develops into a strong weaner calf. She must then carry the calf successfully and calve easily, without assistance.

We believe adaptable Bonsmara cow should provide enough milk for the calf to grow at a rate of between 800g and 1kg a day. This will enable a calf weighing 35kg at birth to weigh 235kg at a weaning age of 205 days (seven months).

With predators such as dogs, jackal, caracal and even leopard roaming many areas, a cow should be able to protect her calf. Bonsmara cows, despite their docile temperament, are known for their protective instinct, and remain aware of the whereabouts of their calves when the herd is moved from one camp to another.

Our cows are synonymous with good maternal ability. The number of commercial breeders using our cows as their first choice is a testament to the female animal’s exceptional qualities we are helping to breed.


These are some of our older cows we use in our herd and we truly value them over the years.They have good maternal ability.They also look after calves well enough so that it develops into a strong weaner calf.They carry the calf successfully and calve easily, without assistance.

They are known for their protective instinct, and remain aware of the whereabouts of their calves when the herd is moved from one camp to another and this makes them valuable .They are also the cows that provided us with the most calves over the years and we make some of them available each year on our yearly auction.


Cows adapt very well, wean good & correct calves with good retention in our herd & they maintain low ICP. The cow CEF020037 bought us from you with her 8th calf, she has then given another 7 calves. M.a.w. this cow has already given birth to 15 calves in her life! So the rest of the cows also perform very well. Zinabos ‘Golden Oldies’ are cows that any stud breeder with great confidence in his herd ”. –Thinus Maritz Vaalwater

I bought my first bull from The Zinabos stud in 2004. CEF02327 did not disappoint and so began a special relationship with the Scheepers family. A number of bulls have since been purchased and all have had a significant impact in some way or another. CEF99287 was one such outstanding bull. He bred a female line that any stud breeder should strive for. Depth, length, capacity, consistency and above all fertility. This bloodline can be found in many stud herds throughout the country. More recently much sort after genetics from CEF10304 and CEF13317 have been used in AI programs with much success. CEF16380 (a son of CEF13317) was purchased in 2018. His first drop of calves such huge promise with hardly any falling out at weaning. I can recommend Zinabos bulls to breed you the heritable traits you desire in your stud” – Justin Stirk Port Alfred

Soft and full muscle per the Falkirk definition is well proven when coupled with skeletal correctness. This type of carcass also cuts a high percentage of quality which attracts deserved value and eating quality. That is why their Elite and A grade females look outstanding.

Only then can longevity be achieved to balance the greatest cost to maintain a herd or flock, which is replacement cost! With fewer higher quality heifers entering the herd genetic gain is assured” – Ian Walsch Falkirk NZ





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